Blonde Redhead play Bowery Ballroom

Blonde Redhead performed the entirety of their November 26
set at New York’s Bowery Ballroom in almost complete darkness. Vocalist/guitarist Kazu Makino has previously admitted to suffering from intense stage fright, which could have been responsible for the apparently intentional lack of visibility. The ever-evolving NYC threesome’s recently released album Barragan dominated the show with standout tunes “Dripping” and “No More Honey,” but it was their earlier work like “Spring and By Summer Fall” from 2007′s 23 that got the crowd most excited.

Featuring members of A Sunny Day In Glasgow and Yeasayer, the Brooklyn-based dance-rock band People Get Ready opened the show with unbridled enthusiasm. Singer Steven Reykers’s history as a dancer and guitarist for David Byrne shone through with his choreographed dance moves and boundless energy. — Bree Roberts